Fresh Start

Thu 19th Mar 2015 - 4:16am : General : Gaming

On this day, Team Relentless Pursuit is formed with one goal in mind. Make it to the LCS or Die trying, figuratively speaking of course. The team has recently picked up Swatson in the top lane, a Diamond 4 Player. In the Jungle they have NibblesE3 who is a Diamond 5 player. For the mid lane the team has acquired Im Herb who is also a Diamond 5 player. Rounding off the roster is the bot lane with PlaySide a Diamond 5 at ADC and Im Your Support, a Diamond 3 support. The team is looking rock solid on paper and are eager to begin their journey on the way to the LCS.


The owner of the team, Travis "Bl Bathroom" Rybacki has also brought on an analyst, Angelika "Inphinite" Heinrich and Manager Nick "Zeriex" Gosselin to help the players along their journey. Travis' first thought of the team is "everyone is getting along really well", which should lead to some good synergy between them. Travis also states that "for the future of this e-sports club, I see great things coming as long as the players and management team will stay on the Relentless Pursuit", further advocating their desire to reach the top. Ready to face adversity, Team Relentless Pursuit are ready to take on the challenges ahead of them with these tools at their disposal.


The team has a long road ahead of them as they are in hot pursuit of their objective, but so long as they remain focused and determined, we can expect a lot to come from Team Relentless Pursuit and their Management. Log in each week at to read more about the Team and stay up-to-date with news and match outcomes. Team Relentless Pursuit have their work cut out for them and this is certainly no easy Journey. The players and staff are going to have reach deep into their souls and bring their best plays each week.



Victor Cogar

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